Who is chiropractic for?

We absolutely believe that everyone should be under chiropractic care. Regardless of the choices you make, the chiropractic approach will improve your inherent ability to function. Doesn’t it make sense to have your body functioning at an optimal level for healing no matter how (or if) you choose to treat various symptoms?

Can you go to a chiropractor while pregnant?

Yes! In fact, our doctors specialize in prenatal & postnatal chiropractic. Research shows that prenatal chiropractic care contributes to a more straightforward labor with less pain and trauma for mother and child. It can improve the balance and alignment of the spine and pelvis and can provide a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery for mother and baby. By restoring balance to the nervous system through gentle + specific nervous system focused chiropractic adjustments, optimal function to the reproductive organs is restored thus supporting the needs of your baby throughout pregnancy.

Why don’t you accept insurance?

We understand how frustrating this can seem for some of our patients initially. We have patients with all types of insurances, including Medicare, in our clinic. What we’ve found is that with increasing deductibles, $1000-$10,000, and copays, $40-$70, our patients actually pay less out of pocket.

Also, “insurance-based medicine is not evidence-based medicine.” We do not take insurance because insurance dictates what doctors can and cannot do for patients. In general, insurance companies are not focused on getting to the cause or on any preventative or wellness services.

If you have an insurance policy that does cover chiropractic care, we rejoice with you!! Our team is more than happy to work with you in getting the appropriate documentation you need for insurance reimbursement.

SUMMARY: By not having to submit to insurance companies, our office costs are kept down. Therefore, we can offer affordable chiropractic care for you and your whole family. Our prices are usually cheaper than a co-pay, but if you have chiropractic coverage, we will gladly provide you with the necessary documentation to get reimbursed. We accept HSA, Care Credit, etc. forms of payment here at Elevation and always welcome open and honest conversations about finances. We are here to serve you and will do all that we can to help!

What are some things to look for when trying to find a chiropractor?

The #1 thing you should look for in a chiropractor is someone who talks about your nervous system. Pain is the last sign of dysfunction so there is a lot more happening within your body before you physically feel it. A side effect of removing interference to your body’s nervous system — which allows your body to heal itself — is that your pain goes away. Chiropractic is not about back pain or neck pain because it’s so much more than pain relief, but we’re also really good at getting you out of pain in a model that isn’t symptoms and bandaids.

Chiropractic care is the foundation for true healing because it unleashes your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Other therapies such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition, etc. are incredibly healing and we love referring to other practitioners in the area who offer those services that work synergistically with chiropractic care because we begin to see not just an increase in that person’s ability to adapt to their environment, but also how their environment evolves and better supports their overall lifestyle.

How often should you visit your chiropractor?

We recommend the patients we serve get checked for nervous system interference on a weekly basis. Does this mean they’ll need an adjustment each visit? Nope! The goal is that with consistent chiropractic care, it increases your body’s ability to adapt to life’s stressors and forces. When someone comes in and we check them for interference and they don’t have any, we celebrate that!

It’s important to always stay proactive because the last sign of nervous system interference is pain. There’s dysfunction long before you feel it. This is also why we don’t judge our health based on how we feel — you can’t feel heart disease and cancer — but we judge our health based on how we function. Some intelligent conversations that our body has with us expressing overall function is through our digestion, skin, sleep, and menstrual cycles.

What services do you offer to help Cape Girardeau families get back to optimal health?

Epley Maneuver, Webster Technique, “Y” Strap Traction, Sports Physicals, X-Rays, Biostructural Examinations, and more!

Here at Elevation, we want to help our community beyond the adjusting tables. That is why we offer educational workshops and events such as Conquering Cancer, Nutrition Class, Better Results Faster, Weight Loss, Stress, Gut Health, and more!

In addition, we see a lot of patients with autism, autoimmune disorders, metabolic disorders, or chronic diseases that may need more in-depth testing. That is why we offer resources to help guide patients through a deeper “root cause” discovery and healing pathways.

Where are you located?

We are located in Cape Girardeau, MO off of North Kingshighway in North Pointe Center at 1812 Carondelet Avenue. Our office is Suite 102 between Sedona Restaurant and Subway.

Will I get an adjustment on my first visit?

Our doctors set aside time for initial appointments to get to know you, your history, and your goals as well as time to do a full examination and x-rays – this typically takes 45-60 minutes. They then spend time reviewing your x-rays and examinations to determine a personalized plan and specific adjustments needed to help you achieve your goals which they discuss with you at your follow-up appointment where you will then have the opportunity to proceed with chiropractic care.

Do you adjust kids?

We believe if Chiropractic care starts at birth, you can achieve a higher level of health throughout life. We specialize in pediatric and family chiropractic care.

Do babies get the same adjustments as adults?

Although both adults and newborns have a nervous system and spine, the developmental stage varies with age. Therefore, the adjustment technique will be different. We still check for interferences and imbalances, but the adjustment is different.

What if I only want one adjustment?

All first time patients will be given a full examination and consult with our doctors. After reviewing your goals and needs, you can decide on the type of care you would like – whether that is one adjustment or an intensive care plan.

Can I just have a nutritional consult?

After an initial examination and consultation, if the care you need and desire requires nutritional consultation, we offer all patients as part of their active care nutrition consultations at no additional cost.

Do you order lab work?

We understand that more in-depth testing is sometimes necessary to help you reach your goals. This is why we refer to our local functional medicine clinic – Kingdom Health & Wellness.

Do you have a massage therapist?

We do not have a massage therapist in-house, however we work directly with several local therapists and are more than happy to refer you to one that best fits your needs.

Do you work with physical therapists?

Chiropractic and physical therapy work hand-in-hand. If deemed necessary, we do refer to physical therapy. If you currently have a physical therapist, we are more than happy to work with them.

Do you have family plans?

We strive to make chiropractic affordable for all. For this reason, we do offer discounted family plans.