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Client Testimonial for Chiropractic in Cape Girardeau, MO

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Okay, so before it came in, I was having neck pain, shoulder pain, and I was getting a lot of headaches.

So these issues kind of started a few years ago and, you know, at first they were very mild, you know, with the time it became more and more frequent, a little bit more intense.

And, you know, to the point that I was having a hard time sleeping and I was having headaches four to five times a week.

So I wasn’t able to go, you know, work out, you know, going to work was also a struggle. You know, cause you, you know, you’re working with a headache.

And to take care of the pain, I was taking high doses of ibuprofen, migraine medications. And because I was taking a lot of medication I was having a lot of bad side effects.

So that’s why I decided to just try something different. Something maybe that was more of a natural approach and that’s why I decided to go.

Benefits of Chiropractic | Cape Girardeau, MO

Okay, So what pretty much, you know, after starting within two weeks, I was amazed because, you know, I was, my pain was less frequent, less intense and my headaches were less and less then to the point that, you know, now I don’t have pain.

I don’t have headaches and I was able to do this without taking medications.

What I really like when I came here. Well first of all, I liked the philosophy.

You know? Using your body to heal yourself. So I mean, that’s perfect. And then what I also liked was when I came here, you know, everybody was very professional, friendly.

And I really liked that Dr. Matt and Dr. Josh took a long, a long time listening to what I had to say.

You know, they went through all the issues, you know my debilities and the pain I was having.

So I really liked that. And what I also like was the one, mine was a good. The place would care that I was actually an active part of it. You know, they make sure that I was part of this plan.

You know, because you fear none of it is going to work either. You Know? To me, you know, just try it. You know, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work but just try it.

Because I mean, I was skeptical at first.You know? But then I try it and it works. It really works, you know, and it didn’t require, you know, going from doctor to doctor or, you know, go get, try different medications, you know?

It really worked. So I just, just call, schedule an appointment, you know, come in, just listen to what they have to say and then try it. You know?

Well, at first because I thought it required a lot of my time you know, coming in because at first, you know, we had to come in three times a week.

Chiropractic Results | Cape Girardeau, MO

But it wasn’t really an issue. Because you know, you guys accommodate my schedule. You know? We worked around my schedule and I was able to do it.

And it really did not require a lot of time. So it was good. You know, headaches and, you know, of course the neck pain and, you know, I’m, you know, the sleeping.

Cause I can sleep now so that, you know, because of that, I have more energy. I feel good, you know, and I’m able to resume with other things, you know?

Activities that I was unable to do before. You know, because of the pain. So, it’s a horrible feeling. Well, you know, that, you get.

Everybody’s highly knowledgeable, you know, friendly. And what I really like is that when you come in, you’re not just a number.

You know? You’re truly, you know, a patient that is cared for. You know, that is, you know, you guys know us. You know each one of us and as an individual. You know, not just a big group.

I’m just like again, you know, just try it. Just give it a try, you know? It, you know, just call, you know, and come and just listen you know, to what they have to say.

And then just try it. Cause you know, it will be worth it.

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