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Shoulder Pain Treatment from Your Chiropractor in Cape Girardeau, MO

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Hey everybody, Dr. Matt, your chiropractor for shoulder pain in Cape Girardeau, MO here.

Today, I want to talk about shoulder pain. This is something that a lot of people actually deal with, but they just tough it out until it gets to the point that they can’t move or they can’t lift, or they just can’t make it through their day or find a comfortable position.

And that’s pain that can be generated and felt sometimes in the front, sometimes the side and down the arm, sometimes back in here.

3 Sources of Shoulder Pain | Chiropractic Cape Girardeau, MO

And really there’s, there’s really three sources of pain like that.

Some of that pain is actually going to come from the base of your neck.

And those bones will shift out of position.

The nerves get aggravated and they go into the shoulder area and actually can cause that pain.

Another source of shoulder pain is you actually have some type of damage to your shoulder that came from a slip, a fall, from repetition, from overuse, from sports, some activity, and you actually get some type of major or minor tear or imbalance within that rotator cuff, which also is going to cause pain.

Now, lastly, another source of this pain is actually the shoulder position.

So your posture has a lot to do with if you’re going to create pain or pain syndromes in and around that shoulder starting from just behind the shoulder blade here where the ribs are all the way out and around.

And what happens is instead of being in a normal neutral position like this, your hands start to rotate and with that sort of the shoulders, and then that whole shoulder complex is out of position biomechanically.

And it put lots of extra strain and sprain to you just as you do your everyday movements.

So it doesn’t have to be some major trauma. It’s just you doing what you do every day, in a poor position.

Shoulder Pain Treatment | Chiropractic Cape Girardeau, MO

All right. So the top three things to do, if you have trouble with your shoulders, is this:

Number one, you need to figure out where the pain is actually coming from.

Number two, you have to make sure that neurologically the nerves that are coming out from the base of your neck, that go to that shoulder are free from interference, because that’s going to either be the root cause of the problem or help the healing process, regardless.

And then lastly, strengthening and stability.

And just being more aware of your posture every single day is going to start moving you in the right direction, for more details or more help, just contact us, get ahold of us.

This is what we’re here to do.

We’ll help you walk through the process, give you some action steps and get you back on your road to recovery.

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