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Low Back Pain Exercises from Your Chiropractor in Cape Girardeau, MO

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Hello everyone, Dr. Matt here, your chiropractor for low back pain in Cape Girardeau, MO.

And we’re gonna get into some of the functional steps as far as getting you better and actually getting you out of pain for good.

So one of the parts in that process is, without a doubt, getting your spine adjusted.

Mobilization is huge in getting inflammation down in your body, and that will help you get out of pain. The key though is not just getting out of pain, but staying out of pain.

So once you get mobilization, which decreases inflammation, we now need to start talking about stabilization. And stabilization will activate the core muscles deep in and around your spine to make sure posturally you’re where you need to be to support your movements every single day.

Some of the wear and tear that you’re gonna continue to have.

And keep you stabilized and strong to keep that pain away for the long haul.

Chiropractic Low Back Exercise 1 | Cape Girardeau, MO

For a modified plank, you wanna start beginning by facing down with your forearms, knees, and your feet touching the floor.

Activate those core muscles and lift your upper body off the floor so that your forearms and knees are supporting your body weight.

Contain a straight plank-like position from your knees through your shoulders, maintain your core contraction. There should be no movement once in this position.

Hold it for about 30 seconds. And do three reps at this move.

Chiropractic Low Back Exercise 2 | Cape Girardeau, MO

For a modified side plank, you’re gonna start on your side with your knees bend.

And put your forearm directly under your shoulder. Activate those core muscles and lift your hips off the floor to maintain a straight line from your thighs through your upper body.

Once in this position there should be no movement. Maintain core contraction. Hold it for about 30 seconds and do this for three reps.

If you need to, perform them on opposite sides to make sure that you’re activating both sides of that lower back.

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