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Root Causes of Neck Pain from Your Chiropractor in Cape Girardeau, MO

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Hey, Dr. Matt here again, your chiropractor for neck pain in Cape Girardeau, MO. And today I wanted to talk about neck pain.

I know that there’s so many people out there that struggle with neck pain. And I feel like one of the main reasons is because that’s where lots of people pull their stress.

I don’t know if that’s you or not, but like across the shoulders, up into the neck, the upper part of the back.

And what that actually does is that’s just a catalyst for all of that to move north, and it ends up right here in the neck. And then also right here at the base of the skull.

So if you’re someone like that, I just wanna speak to that just a little bit today and maybe give you some pointers, as far as things that you can do to help yourself out.

Causes of Neck Pain, Chiropractic Cape Girardeau MO

Number one, as always, every symptom that your body gives you is a signal letting you know that something else is going on.

So for most of you, the root cause of that is not the pain.

The root cause of that is repetition, overuse, too much screen time, whether that’s at home on a computer or on your cell phone or both.

-It could be gaming.

-It could be position.

-It could be wear and tear.

-It could be overused.

It could be repetition because of the job that you have or the work that you go to every single day.

And for some of you, you’ve had massive amounts of trauma.

Some of you have had a concussion.

Some of you have had car accidents.

You’ve played lots of sports.

I mean, you’ve had pretty nasty falls.

So all of those things collectively are where it starts. The way your body handles that is what’s the most important thing next.

Neck Pain Symptoms, Chiropractic Cape Girardeau MO

Our capacity to handle those stresses will dictate our body’s response.

So if our bodies have susceptibility, what’s gonna happen is inflammation will start to take over.

And when it does, very similar to if you’ve heard me talk about the low back, these nerves here are work all the time.

And when that inflammation starts to set in, at first, your body will adapt to it and it’ll try to recover and it tries to heal, but these bones will then start to shift or even in a direct trauma, these bones can shift out of place.

So when that happens, inflammation builds in and around these joints and more importantly,

right around these nerves.

And when it stays there long enough, it’s gonna make you hurt. And so really the root cause

of most people’s neck pain that they have is coming directly from the spine and what you’ve done to it over the course of your life.

So here’s some things you can do.

Number one, if you’re at home and you’re in severe neck pain, I would suggest ice, especially if it’s something that’s just happened in the last couple of days. Rest is also good.

Sometimes the big symptoms that we have are your body’s way of not only letting you know there’s a bigger problem here, it’s another way of letting you know you need to chill out just a little bit.

Neck Pain Evaluation Chiropractic Cape Girardeau, MO

But as you would come in here, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a thorough evaluation of the structure of your spine.

So we can just get a better overall picture of how your body is adapting to the stress across the board in your life, but specifically, to the root cause of what’s going on with this neck pain that you have.

For most people, it’s something that’s been building for years.

A lot of times it actually started when you were a child. It could have even started when you were a baby, from delivery and things, you know, falls, slips, car seats, you name it.

But what we end up finding is there’s massive shifting or what we call subluxation in this neck and the cervical spine.

And we just have to do the best we can to figure out exactly where that’s happening for you, the best way to get in there with whatever technique we can use to remove that stress, to make sure that we’re allowing the brain and the body to connect what you can bounce back and recover as far as the healing process goes, and then doing everything we can to keep the inflammation down and then stabilize.

Oftentimes, we’re gonna couple that with some structural strengthening and stretching exercises, just again, just to make sure that you can stabilize and maintain as you move forward.

Because one frustrating thing about spine pain is that it likes to come back if you actually don’t fix the problem.

And I will say, in addition to that, one thing that we do see in chiropractic across the board, one reason that symptoms come back is because people don’t actually stick it out and follow recommendations.

A lot of times, as you start to feel better, we like to step back and just go with the flow and get back into our normal lives.

But we really need to get down to what’s causing that to make sure that it stays away.

So if you are someone who suffers with neck pain, we get it.

I’ve been there myself. And I understand what that’s like and how frustrating it can be.

So if you are looking to get answers and looking for ways to figure this out, please give us a call

and we’ll walk you through a very simple process of just figuring out what’s going on and what specifically for you will be the best course of action.

And then we’ll be able to walk right alongside you to get to the root of this problem and get you better.

Talk to you soon.

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